New MHA Grad Spotlight

  Grad Furthers Education at Duke Fellowship

Emily AriasRyan Tolman, MHA | New graduates often cast a wide net in their first post-degree job search. Ryan Tolman just may have found a career funnel, and he’s gaining tons of experience to boot.

Just three months after he graduated with a Weber State University MHA degree this past April, Tolman accepted an administrative fellowship with Duke Primary Care. Since then, he’s been taking advantage of a full-time job and continuation of his education, all wrapped up in one package.

In this first year of his two-year fellowship, he’ll serve in rotations in a variety of areas: finance, urgent care, nursing and human resources. During his second year, he’ll be embedded in the area that most aligns with his strengths and interests. WSU prepared Tolman for such a varied role by giving him a good handle on the scope of the current healthcare environment, he said.

“Several of the classes really helped me understand where healthcare will be headed in the future,” he said.

Where will Tolman be headed in the future? He said he hopes to continue networking in his current role, then stay on at Duke Primary Care in management or as a senior analyst. One day, he hopes to return to the West and make a difference here.