Alumna Spotlight

2010 Graduate Focuses on Giving to Industry, Community, WSU Students

Rosemary Bowden, MHA | Since receiving her Master of Health Administration degree from Weber State University in 2010, Rosemary Bowden has been all about giving.“It’s focused on giving,” she said. “It’s all about serving and making my community, my workplace, hopefully a better place because I’m there.”

For the past five years, Bowden has served as director of Human Resources at Revere Health, the largest privately held physician group in Utah. Revere boasts 100 different locations from Farr West to St. George, and it’s Bowden’s job to coordinate support for the physicians and others who provide the patient care. Her daily tasks can include anything from hands-on interventions, to benefits strategy, to people strategy, to compliance with regulations and more.

“There is so much variety and so many different things that I enjoy on a daily basis,” Bowden said. Such a multifaceted job requires thinking on your toes, and she credits WSU’s MHA program with enabling her to adapt.“It provided me with a wide array of experience and learning in all facets of healthcare,” she said. “It’s my business to learn the business.” The program made such an impression, in fact, that Bowden hasn’t been able to stay away. In addition to her day job, she acts as an adjunct instructor for WSU’s online Executive Master of Health Administration program, where she teaches human resources management.

“I am highly invested in wanting to create the most valuable learning experience for the students I have in the class,” she said. “It’s important to me. I want to see them succeed. I want to see them grow.”