AI Guidelines

Weber State discourages the use of (artificial intelligence) AI-generated content of any kind unless for the sole purpose of educating an audience about AI. If we are not honest about how we represent the university, it undermines the integrity and values of Weber State and our reputation as an institution of higher education.

Regarding Photos/Images

All photos should aim to show an authentic image of Weber State University. We discourage using stock photos whenever possible. AI-generated images should never be used unless they are in a context that is specifically referencing artificial intelligence.

Regarding Writing

We strongly discourage employees from using unedited and unaltered AI-generated text in anything representing Weber State University, including but not limited to marketing materials, newsletters, website verbiage and both internal and external messaging, regardless of audience. While AI text generators can be a great source of assistance, any generated text should always be reviewed critically and used as inspiration rather than verbatim. This is especially true for longer pieces of writing.

Regarding Website Content

We strongly discourage using AI-generated text or images on any web pages representing Weber State University, unless it is specifically referencing artificial intelligence and an example of such is warranted.