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Creative Experience Capstone


This type of Capstone project is noted for its flexibility and creativity. Academic disciplines from the fine arts to computer programming work well in the Creative Capstone. For example, programming a new website, choreographing a new dance, writing a music instruction handbook, or creating a non-profit business plan are all examples of a Creative Capstone project. When doing such a project it is essential that the student's three academic disciplines be represented. Be sure to gain approval from all committee members to ensure that all three academic disciplines are well-represented. Creative Capstone Projects typically have 15-25 pages of text with an appendix of the actual materials created or other types of artifacts to demonstrate learning and creativity. More creative capstone project information

Creative Capstone Project Examples


Computer Science, Psychology, Web Technology
Combatting Culture Shock: A Cross-Platform Resource for Sojourners

Rose Harris

Communication, Art, Professional Sales
The Break
Analysis, Audit Trail, Pamphlet

Jesse Millgate

Health Sciences, Health Promotion, Health Administrative Services
Ergonomics In the Anatomic Pathology Lab
Angela Johnsrud

Construction Management Technology, Geographic Information Systems, Geology
Earthquake Resistant Parking Structure

Cylor Morgan

Honors, Music, Art
More Than Dust
Nathan Krishnan

Social Work, Women's Studies, American Sign Language
Exploring the Feminist Perspective
Megan Brown Simmons

Child and Family Studies, Nutrition, Health Promotion
Army Family Wellness during Permanent Change of Station
Randi Andersen

Zoology, Chemistry, Japanese
Healthcare Education in the Community
Brady Ulrich

Health Administrative Services, Health Promotion
Postpartum Depression: Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment

Kelsee Grow

Social Work, Child and Family Studies, Health Promotion
Health and Wellness Fair

Elizabeth Olsen

Psychology, Communication, Child and Family Studies
Two Worlds, a Single Home
Children's book, English video, Spanish video

Fedena Jean

Health Sciences, Health Administrative Services

Kenneth Barthold