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BIS Policies and Procedures



  1. A 2.5 GPA is required for BIS admissions. A student not meeting that GPA may be admitted to BIS after a discussion with the program director. The student agrees to raise and maintain a 2.5 GPA as part of the BIS experience. Weber State University requires a 2.0 minimum GPA for graduation.
  2. BIS students must earn at least a C grade in BIS academic and capstone courses although individual academic departments may grant excepts. 
  3. complete application is necessary for BIS admissions. These need to be included: (a) an application, (b) statement of purpose, and (c) three areas-of-emphasis contracts. For more information please visit BIS Admissions.
  4. A  BIS capstone shall be required of all BIS students. Although the capstone experience can be crafted according to several Departmental guidelines, all experiences must have representatives from each of the student’s academic areas to compose a capstone committee. Specific instructions for crafting final projects can be found on the BIS website under Capstone Project FAQs > What are the various types of capstones.
  5. BIS capstones require that the student first submit a PROPOSAL to capstone committee members and then DEFEND the final project to committee satisfaction.
  6. BIS students assume the responsibilities to organize and schedule proposal and capstone defense meetings with the assistance of the BIS administrative assistant.
  7. Committee members need at least one week’s notice (with accompanying paperwork) to prepare for proposal and defense meetings. If a student does not provide such notice and associated paperwork, the proposal or defense may be called off either by the BIS Director, Assistant Director, or capstone committee.
  8. Capstone committee members have the responsibility to evaluate and grade the student’s capstone project. The BIS Director, or Assistant Director, will facilitate committee consensus for the student’s final grade.
  9. The BIS Director, or Assistant Director, is the professor of record for BIS 4800—Capstone Experience. The student's committee will recommend to the director the final grade earned by the student.
  10. In the event that a capstone committee member cannot make a properly scheduled defense, the BIS Director is authorized to proceed with the defense with two committee members, the director, and the student present.
  11. BIS students self-select committee members. Should a student desire a change in committee member, the student assumes the responsibility of notifying that member, via email, that the student desires another faculty member.
  12. BIS students may approach partnering academic departments with request for class substitutions or deletions utilizing BIS Departmental forms. Signed, completed forms need to be submitted—by the student—to the BIS administrative assistant who will make approved changes in CatTracks.
  13. Only admitted BIS students are allowed in BIS courses (BIS 3800, 3850, and 4800).
  14. The BIS Department reserves the right to drop underachieving students from BIS courses.
  15. Capstone defense should be scheduled before finals week; defenses will only occur during finals week with all three committee members informing the BIS direct via email of their prior consent.