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Community-Engaged Service Learning


Unlike primary and secondary research projects, a BIS community engagement Capstone project entails a student connecting with a non-profit, charitable, advocacy, or community service organization and providing free volunteer work to provide service, democratic engagement, and/or community research. Generally, a faith-based organization (such as a church, synagogue, temple, or mosque) is not an appropriate place for a BIS community engagement project.

To assist BIS students with finding appropriate organizations, BIS partners with Weber's Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) that is located in the Shepherd Student Union. Many community organizations are well-represented by the CCEL. BIS students interested in a community engagement Capstone project must register first with CCEL through Weber Connect and then meet with a CCEL advisor. Community engagement projects typically require 150 volunteer hours per semester. Community engagement Capstone projects typically have a project audit report of 15 to 25 pages due to the intensive amount of community work. Remember that all three academic disciplines must be thoroughly addressed in the Capstone Project. More community engagement capstone project information

Community Engagement Capstone Project Examples


Health Promotion, Nutrition, Child and Family Studies
Teaching Families about MyPlate
Megan Yates

Criminal Justice, Psychology, Child and Family Studies
Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children Internship Summary
Roberta Brassell

English, Communication, Legal Studies
Group Decision-Making During the Legislative Session
Benjamin Frye