Types of Surveys


  • Types of Surveys

    There are many types of surveys used for data collection. Examples include: 

    1. National surveys offered through professional organizations or other entities that seek students’ perceptions and attitudes. 
    2. Internally developed “homegrown” surveys that ask for students’ perceptions and attitudes. 
    3. Program and activity-level surveys asking for students’ opinions about programs. 
    4. Surveys conducted to evaluate or compare programs, practices, curricula, methods, or outcomes for use solely by the institution. 
    5. Institutional surveys asking staff and faculty to report their attitudes, opinions, and perspectives (e.g., climate surveys).
    6. Faculty/staff research surveys.

    Some types of surveys may be given higher priority than others.  For example, national surveys and surveys that address an acute university need have the highest priority. Faculty and staff research projects have the lowest priority. This may or may not affect the likelihood of approval for a survey. During particularly heavy survey administration periods, priority will be given consideration.