Survey Approval


  • Survey Approval Procedures

    All surveys intended for distribution to members or prospective members of the Weber State community (e.g. applicants, students, faculty, staff, board members and alumni) must be approved by Institutional Assessment using the appropriate procedures. Institutional Assessment approval is not required for (a) faculty-supervised survey research that contributes toward students’ academic progress, (b) evaluation of an event by participants, (c) feedback from clients at the point of service, (d) teaching evaluation forms, (e) leadership and management evaluation surveys, or (f) forms used to collect information for administrative purposes (e.g. scheduling).

    Exclusions.  The following common survey types do not need to be submitted for review and approval:

    • Evaluation surveys administered to program participants or service users at the conclusion of the program or service.
    • Class projects surveying students only within that class.
    • Surveys distributed via social media, listservs, or other media through which students, faculty, or staff are devising their own sample.
    • Surveys to fewer than 100 undergraduates.

    Survey requests will be reviewed based on the following criteria: 

    1. If the requestor is a student, does the need for the survey fall within the acceptable scope of a class or academic position on campus?
    2. If the requestor is a faculty or staff member, does the need for the survey fall within the 
    3. Is the purpose of the survey clear, and is it explained to the prospective participants? 
    4. Does the survey provide information useful for planning or improving services? 
    5. Is the survey well-designed and an appropriate length? Does it follow sound survey methods and practices? Are the questions easily understood?
    6. What actions are being taken to ensure the confidentiality of the responses? 
    7. When will the survey be conducted? What is the optimal timing to ensure it does not interfere with other university surveys and activities? 
    8. How will the results be used? 
    9. Will the findings be disseminated to appropriate university audiences? Who will have access to the information and will it help inform better decisions?
    10. Has the IRB approved the project, if required (see below for more on IRB requirements)? 
    11. Can the proposed survey be combined with other planned surveys? 
    12. Does the survey follow both university and federal policies for collecting and managing data (e.g. FERPA, 10-1 Information Security Policy)?