Program Review Site Visit Team - Suggested Practice

Recent changes from the Utah State Board of Regents allows for two-member site-visit teams. At least one member must be external to the university and it is possible to have both members of a two-person team be external. Otherwise, the seond team-member will be someone internal to the institution, but not a member of the program's faculty.  Both of these people should have achieved the rank of associate professor unless there is compelling reason otherwise.
If a single, external person is chosen, he or she must teach in the same or a related field. Ideally the external members of the team are from programs that you feel are aspirational and can provide feedback that is forward-thinking. You do want to be sure the individuals selected do not present a conflict of interest (the Dean has the final say on this; concerns not resolved will escalate to the Provost and Faculty Senate Chair). It is very helpful if you can include a brief justification for your choices for your site visit team.