• Mission Statement

    The Weber State History Department embraces the vital role of history as the record of political, social, economic, and cultural events and achievements of humankind. We recognize history's power to illuminate the present and inform the future, reflecting the core values and missions of both the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Weber State University's Amplified Strategic Plan.

    Our overarching mission is to empower students with a comprehensive understanding of history while nurturing their analytical and interpretive skills. We are committed to aligning our department's goals with the broader university mission and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and positive impact.

    Goals of the Weber State History Department:

    Goal of Academic Excellence: To maintain rigorous academic standards, fostering critical thinking and research skills among our students, in accordance with the College's commitment to scholarly rigor.

    Goal of Career Readiness: To prepare our students for diverse career opportunities in teaching and history-related fields, aligning with the university's mission to enhance students' career prospects and lifetime success.

    Goal of General Education and Lifelong Learning: To offer courses that enrich the general education of all students, emphasizing cultural diversity and promoting a lifelong interest in history, which resonates with the university's commitment to holistic education.

    Goal of Civic Engagement: To cultivate models of civic engagement and provide the necessary skills for students to actively participate in meaningful dialogues and address contemporary challenges, mirroring the university's mission of promoting responsible citizenship.

    Goal of Scholarly Contribution: To advance historical scholarship, create new knowledge, and make historical materials accessible to public audiences, aligning with the College's mission of contributing to the community's intellectual growth.

    Goal of Program Diversity: To provide a range of undergraduate pathways, including history majors, minors, and teaching licensure, contributing to cultural diversity and fulfilling the state's American Institutions requirement to foster informed citizenship.

    Goal of Community Engagement: To foster relationships with community members, educational institutions, and the broader public in our region, as a testament to our commitment to community engagement and the university's role as a positive force in society.

    These goals represent our department's commitment to excellence and inclusivity, aligning closely with the mission statements of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Weber State University's Amplified plan.