Computer Science


  • Mission Statement

    Vision Statement:

    • To be an outstanding undergraduate program in applied Computer Science. Specifically, to be recognized by employers as the best program to educate and train graduates who are quickly productive and who design and develop software and computer systems of the highest quality.


    Mission Statement:

    • To provide students with the best education that prepares them to engineer, design, develop, support, and maintain technical software applications and integrated computer-based systems. To instill in them a solid understanding of the principles of Computer Science and the related skills that enable them to be productive in developing software and networked computer systems of superior quality and robustness. To provide a broad foundation that will allow them to continue to learn and progress in their careers and education.
    • Software engineering: To give students a clear understanding of computer programming paradigms and languages, a solid foundation in the principles of developing robust, maintainable, efficient software, and the skills to effectively apply that understanding in the various roles of medium to large software projects.
    • Customized option: To give students a mechanism for integrating knowledge and experience in other domains with skills in applying the computer in that domain. This option will allow students to customize a program of study in Computer Science courses in support of applications (software or systems) in their specialty areas. Such domains can include technical areas from science and engineering as well as arts and humanities, education, and other professions. This option will require a senior project.