• Mission Statement

    Communication is a dynamic process that plays a complex and profound role in shaping both individuals and society and is vital to the free exchange of ideas central to a democratic society. The Weber State University Department of Communication seeks to promote an understanding of this process and the effective and ethical practice of human communication by focusing on how people create and use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels and media, including those delivered through technology.  WSU Communication Department curricula and programs are grounded within a liberal arts tradition and designed to help students live vital and successful lives in an ever-changing global environment.

    Note: The Department of Communication recognizes that communication is not just something we do; it is what makes us who we are and contributes significantly to the world in which we live. Therefore, communication majors are expected to apply their acquired knowledge and skills to affect their personal development and skills. Majors are expected to participate in the exchange of ideas resulting in responsible personal and social change.