• Mission Statment

    History is the record of political, social, economic, and cultural events and achievements of humankind. Historians analyze and evaluate this record in an attempt to understand and interpret the present. The Department’s chief goal is to transmit both the content of history and the necessary analytical and interpretive skills to its students. More specifically, the Department seeks to prepare students for careers in teaching and history-related fields and to provide courses that contribute to the general education and lifelong learning of all students. Through its courses, the Department also endeavors to provide students with models of and skills for civic engagement and dialogue. The Department and its faculty are also committed to creating new knowledge, interpreting historical materials for public audiences, and publishing historical scholarship that advances the field.

    The Department provides undergraduate programs for students wishing to complete degrees that include the History Major, History Teaching Major, History Minor, History Teaching Minor, Public History Minor, and Social Science Composite Teaching Major. It also provides courses that contribute substantially to the University’s commitment to General Education and cultural diversity, promote a general interest in the study of History, assist students in achieving their college and career goals, and fulfill the state’s American Institutions requirement to promote the development of an informed citizenry. The History Department also is committed to building and sustaining relationships with community members, educational institutions, and the larger public in the region.