General Campus Resources

Supervisor Handbook

  • This handbook was created to provide a one stop shop for all your supervising needs.

General Campus Resources

In each of these scenarios, the appropriate persons to contact may depend on the specific circumstances, but the listed individual should be able to help you determine the next steps.

  • Someone has a complaint about discrimination/harassment? 
    • Office of Equal Oppotunity: x7537
    • Women’s Center: x6090
  • Someone experiencing domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking?
    • Weber State Police: x6460
    • Office of Equal Oppotunity: x7537
    • Women’s Center: x6090
  • Other safety issue? 
    • Emergency: 911 or Weber State Police: x6460
    • Strategic Threat Assessment Team (STAR) any of these: 
      • Campus Police: x6460 
      • Office of Equal Oppotunity: x7537 
      • Dean of Students: x6256 
      • Human Resources (HR): x6036 or x6496
      • Counseling & Psychological Services: x6406
  • You have a risk issue or want to plan an event on campus that will include minors or have other risks?
    •  Risk Management: x6832
  • Individual requests an accommodation for a disability? 
    • If the individual is a student:
      • Disability Services: x6413
    • If the individual is an employee:
      • Human Resources: x6036
  • You have a question about purchases? 
    • Purchasing: x6014
  • You get a request for records? 
    • GRAMA Officer: x6613
  • You get served with a lawsuit or subpoena related to WSU? 
    • Do not accept service on behalf of WSU
    • Contact Legal Counsel ASAP - x7313
  • You find flyers/postings on campus that you believe are incorrectly posted?
    • Campus Police: x6460 
    • Shepherd Union Director (to double check posting policy):  X7580
  • Concern or complaint and need general advice?
    • If you’re a faculty member, 
    • If you’re a student, 
      • And your concern is general: Dean of Students: x6256 
      • And your concern is academic: Talk to your Academic Department Chair
    • If you’re a staff member,
      • Human Resources (HR): x6036 or x6496

Student-Specific Concerns