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Welcome to our podcast, The Crux: A Recreation Management Podcast for New Managers. This podcast is produced by students enrolled in OCRE 3600: Administration and Management of Outdoor & Community Recreation Services. The purpose of this podcast is to provide new managers insights and tools from executives who have years of experience working in the industry. Each episode features an interview of an industry professional conducted by an OCRE student that will address some of the most pressing management issues our industry faces. Our hope is that you'll find great resources, tools, support, and a network that can support your professional growth and help you successfully navigate the challenges of being a manager! 


Quality Customer Service & Relationship Building in the Midst of Challenging Situations

OCRE Major: Emme Paget
Interviewee: Farmington Parks and Recreation

This episode will cover some of the challenges that come with working in a public-facing role along with some tried and true strategies to overcome difficult situations. As we like to say in parks and recreation, "it's all about relationships" and that's what customer service is all about! Listen to this episode to learn more!

Sexual Harassment in the Outdoor Industry and how to Mitigate Harmful Workplace Culture

OCRE Major: Sarah Tibbits 
Interviewee: Maria Blevins, PhD

This episode will discuss sexual harassment in the outdoor industry. Join OCRE major, Sarah, as she talks with Maria Blevins, PhD., to dive deep into the important issue of harassment in the industry. They'll wrap up the episode with a discussion on the critical strategies that managers can implement to promote a safer and healthier environment for employees.

Public Relations in the Outdoor Industry - What it is and How to Do it! 

OCRE Major: Kelsey Williams 
Interviewee: Megan Collins, International Marketing Manager, Visit Park City  

In this episode, join Kelsey as she interviews the International Marketing Manager for Visit Park City, Megan Collins. We'll discuss the critical role that public relations play in the outdoor industry and how to develop effective communication channels that support your organization's mission.

Mental Health First Aid at Summer Camp and How to Support your Participants

OCRE Major: Tyler Jefferies
Interviewee: Emily Johannson, President and Director of Outdoors for Youth

In this episode we discuss the critical role that recreation programs can have in supporting young people's mental health. We specifically discuss how important Mental Health First Aid training is for recreation staff and how it can provide essential skills for first responders.  

Scheduling Challenges with Recreation Staff and How to Build a Committed Workforce

OCRE Major: Jaime Allen

Interviee: Rebecca & Josh, WSU Campus Rec.

In this episode we discuss some common scheduling challenges that come with hiring and retaining frontline student employees. We also discuss important ways that managers can encourage and motivate entry-level staff to encourage employee satisfaction and  reduce turnover. 

Maintaining Seasonal Employee Motivation & Preventing Burnout

OCRE Major: Sophia Annis
Interviewee: Tracy, Moab Adventure Center

In this episode we discuss some of the factors that contribute to seasonal employee burnout in the guiding industry. We also explore how managers can leverage the joy of working in the outdoor industry to create a workplace where employees can thrive.