Signature Assignments

A Signature Assignment (SA) requires that students integrate and apply course content to address a significant personal, social, or professional question or issue in some way (e.g., through critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, quantitative literacy, inquiry and analysis, etc.) for a specified audience.

How do I create and assign a Signature Assignment in my Gen Ed course?

Creating a Signature Assignment - Instructions to Faculty

Video: Implementing Signature Assignments in Gen Ed courses

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Video: Grading and Assessing Signature Assignments

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Do I have to call it a Signature Assignment?

Yes! This will help students learn that in each Gen Ed class they will have a similarly named assignment that taps into the same skills and understandings. Calling it "Signature Assignment" also helps the OIE to be able to find your assignment (preferably in Canvas) for the purposes of SA assessment on the four GELOs.

Where can I find examples of SA?

Look for this app in the eWeber portal:

This app provides searchable access to Signature Assignments in a variety of disciplines and GE attribute areas.