General Education

What is General Education?

General Education is shared by all degree-seeking students. Gen Ed credits (~34-41) account for about 2/3 of the Associate's and 1/3 of the Bachelor's degrees. Through core and breadth courses, Gen Ed provides broad exposure to diverse disciplines and is the foundation for developing intellectual tools and responsibility to the self and others. 

What is the Mission of General Education?

The purpose of the Weber State University General Education program is to provide students with foundational knowledge and intellectual tools that enhance and transcend their academic program of study. The big questions posed by General Education courses address significant issues about the world. General Education courses help students apply their learning and develop personal and social responsibility, which is demonstrated through signature assignments.

Why is General Education required?

Gen Ed is not a random series of courses to "get out of the way" - it is a program of courses to lead the way to students' future success in higher education, the workplace, and the community. Because Gen Ed courses are framed around a Big Question, which is tapped by a Signature Assignment, students repeatedly exercise Gen Ed Learning Outcomes (GELOs) and "cross-train" their mind. Gen Ed helps students acquire transferable skills, expand their perspective on the world, explore possibilities and opportunities, and discover the unexpected. Thus, the General Education program is designed to help students achieve both program-level (GELOs) and core and breadth area (ALOs) learning outcomes.




Area Learning Outcomes (ALOs)

The table provides the mission statements and learning outcomes for the five CORE and 3 BREADTH areas of general education at Weber State University.
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          Core Requirements

 Breadth Requirements