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General Education Revitalization

What's it all about?

General Education Revitalization is an opportunity for faculty to offer students a more meaningful and coherent general education curriculum. In 2016-2017, the General Education Improvement and Assessment Committee (GEIAC) hosted campus-wide events to enlist faculty input on how to improve Gen Ed. As a result of these conversations, a proposal was approved to engage students in a common activity across their Gen Ed courses in order to realize a small set of shared Gen Ed program outcomes ("GELOs", see below).

This common activity includes framing all Gen Ed courses around a “Big Question” (BQ),  that taps into the heart of the discipline and helps students see what they can do with what they are learning, which is explored through a “Signature Assignment” (SA). All Weber State Gen Ed courses should now be framed around BQs and SAs so that students have the opportunity to acquire and strengthen their intellectual skills, apply their learning, and develop personal and social responsibility.    

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If you missed Paul Handstedt's keynote on February 28, you can watch it here:


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