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Passwords: 16 is the New 8!

For many years sites, including WSU resources, have pushed for an 8 digit minimum length as the secure password solution. This is because the password hash decryption would take forever with the current computer hardware of the time (or they would just like you to use something other than "qwerty.") Today, I introduce the "Math Nerd" of the computer world, the "Graphics Card." Calculations are their "thing" and they have been evolving well. These cards can eat through an 8 character password hash very quickly, which makes 8 obsolete. Please excuse the computer jargon. As the Law of Escalation dictates Weber State University requires new password lengths now be at least 16 characters long. That's right, 16 is the new 8. While WSU does not require you to change your password immediately the next time your password expires it will need to be at least 16 characters.

Question: With all those passwords one can have how can you expect us to remember passwords that long?

Answer: Don't rage punch your monitor quite yet, here is a website that has techniques to help you create strong longer passwords and remember them. If you feel you cannot remember all your passwords you can write them down. Please do not leave them in an obvious spot (i.e. under keyboard, on your monitor.) Password Managers are a thing now also.  They can secure your passwords and often times use 2 Factor Authentication ( ex. Duo ) to access the passwords.

Passwords must be locked up.  Either in a password manager or other system that does not leave them open to the world.

You can change your password here Password Change

You can check your password here Password Check

Also don't forget that Weber passwords:

  • Must be no more than 250 characters long.
  • Must not have been used before at WSU.
  • Must not include any of the following values: " & \ /
  • Must not include part of your name or username.
  • Must not include a common word (dictionary) or commonly used sequence of characters.
  • Must not include a character repeating sequentially 5 or more times such as "11111".
  • Must not include a space in the beginning or end of the password.

We strongly recommend, but no longer require, that Weber passwords:

  • Include at least 1 number.
  • Include at least 1 lowercase letter.
  • Include at least 1 uppercase letter.
  • Include at least 4 unique characters.