Google Group Sync Program


Department distribution lists are managed in Google Gmail by one of their products called “Google Groups.” In the past, these groups were not always accurate because they were manually maintained. Seeing an opportunity for improvement and the desire by some, to add hourly employees to the lists, FSIT has deployed a new program that will be able to synchronize a department’s employee list (Active Directory) to that same department's email distribution list (Google Group). The functionality of this program is, when ran, will compare the two lists (employee and distribution) of users and find any new employees, retrieve their email address, and then add it to the email distribution list. It will also remove employees from the distribution list for those who have left employment of that department. If you have hourly employees that you want in this program, to add to your department distribution lists, they must have a “” email address. The hourly’s Time Keeper must submit a request to get one. The link below provides the step-by-step instructions for giving an hourly a “” email.

If you have any questions please contact the Financial Services IT Staff.