What is "Folder Redirection" and what does it do?

Folder Redirection is defined by automatically re-routing standard folders to use storage on another server. There are specific folders on a WSU employee's workstation that are storing the files or data on a separate server. The separate server can also be described as file shares. These specific locations are "redirecting" the data onto a separate server. Folders that are being redirected are being cached in a encrypted location on the current workstation for off-line usage.

List of folders/locations being redirected

  • Desktop Folder
  • Documents Folder
  • Downloads Folder
  • I Drive
  • H Drive

The folder redirection provides a number of useful tools.

1. Backing Up

Since these specific locations store information on a separate server. It creates a back up for any files you place in the folders listed above. In case of an emergency, this provides a simple way to keep data from being removed.

2. Synchronizing information to other workstations

It also provides a portable alternative when trying to access files on another WSU workstation. For example, you can store a PDF on your desktop. Then, you can log onto another workstation and that PDF file will still be there on your desktop.