Login Information


TouchNet URL

To log into TouchNet, navigate to https://secure.touchnet.com/ucommercecentral

User Names and Passwords

All users will be given their own user name and password. It is a University policy that users do not share their username or password with any other individual. Additionally, this information may not be written down and placed in a public or easily accessible area. TouchNet usernames and passwords are not the same as eWeber usernames and passwords.

All TouchNet usernames begin with "C20249." followed by the username provided by the University's TouchNet Administrator. For example, if the username provided for Joe Wildcat is jWildcat, then the username used to log in to all TouchNet products will be C20249.jWildcat.

Because TouchNet is part of the payment processing world, passwords are required to be strong and are required to be changed every 90 days. Strong passwords are at least seven digits long and must contain at least one of each of the following characters: uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numbers, and special characters.

Multiple Login Attempts

After three failed attempts to login to any TouchNet product, your account will be locked and you will need to contact the TouchNet Administrator to have your account unlocked.


New Users

To request a new user account, one of the primary contacts for the TouchNet product in use must email the TouchNet Administrator with the following information:

  • Product for which access is being requested
  • User's first name and last name
  • Has the user ever used any TouchNet product before?
  • Security level (cashier, report viewer, etc)
Please allow 24 business hours for the account to be created. Once the account has been created, the administrator will reply back to the email request with the new user's username and initial password. The system will prompt the user to change the password to a strong password of their choosing when they log in for the first time.