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Paramedic Program Prequisites

General Prerequisites

To all students taking prerequisites for the paramedic program.  Due to our requirement to accept only prerequisites of a "C" or higher, we cannot accept prerequisite classes that are marked as a Credit/No Credit or Pass/Fail.  Additionally, any courses taken within the programs of our department, must be given a letter grade for progression within that program.  

The following are required prior to starting the WSU paramedic program:

  • Be an admitted student of Weber State ("W" number assigned)
  • Submit a program application by the published deadline for the semester for which you are applying
  • Pass the departmental EMT assessment/entrance exam by the published deadline for the semester for which you are applying
  • Possess a valid Utah state EMT certification
  • Complete MATH 0990 or higher
  • Complete English 1010 or higher
  • Complete Medical Terminology (2 credits)
  • Complete Anatomy and Physiology (8 credits)
  • Possess a grade point average 2.7

All students are encouraged to submit early applications even if prerequisites are not completed. However, all academic prerequisites must be completed with a "C" or better prior to starting the paramedic program. More details about each of the prerequisites can be found below.

If after reading the detailed information below you have any additional questions
please direct them to

Additional Prerequisite Information

Specific Prerequisite Information

Additional details regarding applicant qualifications into the WSU paramedic program