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Developmental Math Advising



Come in or schedule an appointment to meet with Katrina. Located at the back of The HUB, she is available to help with strategies to learn math and succeed. Organizational skills, test preparation, and note taking are just a few insights she can assist you with as it pertains to success in mathematics. FAQ's can be found below, however, personalized assistance is recommended.

Ms. Katrina Marriott

Advisor & Learning Strategist for Student Services
LP 104
Office Hours 
(801) 626-7451

  Spring 2019 Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions


What determines which Math class I'll be placed in?

There are three ways to determine your placement in a math class.  Learn more here...

Am I ready for the class that I have been placed in?

Do a self-assessment quiz to help you determine if you have been placed in the right level of math. If your official placement is lower than your self-assessment indicates, you can challenge your placement using ALEKS PPL - Placement, Preparation, and Learning

How do I add a Developmental Class to my schedule?

To add a class, students must meet the prerequisite requirement. How you add a class to your schedule also depends on when you are trying to do so. Learn more...


What classes do I take to prepare for college mathematics?

To know where you want to start, you must know where you want/need to end.  Speak with your program advisor to learn what math course(s) and/or quantitative literacy (QL) are required for your program of study. Then using the Choose Your Math Path document which diagrams the different paths (i.e. the R.E.A.L. Path vs. the Tech Path) toward Quantitative Literacy completion or our Step 1-2-3 process you can work your way back to the starting point. Always seek the assistance of your advisor.

Do Pre-requisite math courses expire and do I have to earn a specific grade for it to count?

Yes! And, yes! ALL math courses expire, as prerequistites, TWO years after they have been completed. A passing grade is defined as earning a C or better. See the table below for specific expiration dates and grade requirements.

Semester course was taken



Last semester to use the prerequisite

Fall 2016

Math 0950,0970,0990 or 1010

C or better

Spring 2019

Spring 2017

Math 0950,0970,0990 or 1010

C or better

Summer 2019 or Fall 2019

Summer 2017

Math 0950,0970,0990 or 1010

C or better

Fall 2019

Fall 2017

Math 0950,0970,0990 or 1010

C or better

Spring 2020

Spring 2018

Math 0950,0970,0990 or 1010

C or better

Summer 2020 or Fall 2020

Summer 2018

Math 0950,0970,0990 or 1010

C or better

Fall 2020

Fall 2018

Math 0950,0970,0990 or 1010

C or better

Spring 2021

Spring 2018

Math 0950,0990,0810 or 1010

C or better

Summer 2021 or Fall 2021

Summer 2018

Math 0950,0970,0990 or 1010

C or better

Fall 2021

What can I do if my math prerequisite has expired?

If your math prerequisite has expired, we invite you to use one of the following options to restart your math path.

  • ALEKS: ALEKS is a user-friendly online math learning system. It gives you an overview of your math strengths and weaknesses, provides learning modules to help you improve your skills and can improve your math placement. Learn more about ALEKS.
  • Register for the math course: Students are always welcome to enroll in the course matching their math placement level. However most students discover they remember most of, if not all, of the content covered and ALEKS or Math Prep tend to be better options. 

I did not pass my quiz/test, now what?

Learn more about how to review quizzes and tests here and get a few extra suggestions prior to meeting with your instructor!


Let's Connect!


Office Hours

Monday - Friday
  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Mailing address

Weber State University
Developmental Mathematics
1415 Edvalson St., Dept. 2516
Ogden, UT 84408-2516

Building location

Tracy Hall Science Center (TY) 207

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