Public Reports

Weber State is represented through a variety of data, both internally and externally. The links below cover a range of WSU data, from general institutional facts to graduate surveys. For questions about data or requesting a report, contact

Fast Facts

Weber State’s fast facts data is a compilation of general university information related to a broad range of topics, including graduation and retention rates, costs of attendance, enrollment data and other relevant institutional data.

National Survey of Student Engagement

This survey provides information about the student educational experience for first-year and senior students. Weber State participates in this survey every odd numbered spring semester. Data is used for institutional improvement and measuring student engagement.

Ruffalo Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory

The student satisfaction inventory compares student importance scores and satisfaction scores on 12 broad constructs about the student educational experience. Weber State participates in this survey every even numbered spring semester and uses data to inform strategic planning and other institutional decision-making.

Graduate Survey Results

The graduate survey is given to all students completing a degree at WSU. It collects information regarding students' next steps and their overall college experience. The survey is administered every fall and spring semester. Data is used to assist in advising and planning curriculum.

Common Data Set

This data is an annual submission printed in multiple publications, including the College Board, Peterson's College Guide and U.S. News and World Report.

Institutional Profile

This data includes information regarding total enrollment, student demographics, SCH and degrees awarded. Demographic counts are collected from the fall and spring third week files as well as the summer end of term file.