Managing Data

Weber State University has implemented policies and procedures to manage institutional data. The tools and procedures below are intended to create a universal language and method for managing data across departments and divisions. For questions, contact

Data Dictionary

To increase transparency and create a standardized definition system for data related topics, WSU has implemented the use of an institutional data dictionary designed to capture important information about terms widely used across campus.

WSU Data Cookbook

The Data Cookbook is a collaborative data dictionary and data governance tool for higher education, featuring a searchable data dictionary, the ability to track report specifications and requests, a data governance workflow, an information request workflow and collaboration tools.

Valid WSU credentials are needed to access WSU's Data Cookbook. All current WSU employees have view only access to the cookbook unless their position designates otherwise. If you need access to edit the data cookbook, contact

View the Data Cookbook

Data Governance

Data governance at WSU is designed to increase collaboration among divisions and departments by providing a common language for all to use when discussing data elements. 

Data Governance Objectives

  • Improve campus reporting strategies and access to data
  • Standardize and clarify data definitions
  • Provide framework to ensure data is captured accurately and consistently
  • Create data policies that maximize access data for all appropriate personnel

Data Standards

Campus data guidelines provide quality and consistency for data entry, as well as define the responsibilities of those accessing or managing data. Offices may have additional policies, but university guidelines must still be followed. The data standards guide can be downloaded below.

Download Data Standards Guide