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Interview with AAS and BS Alumna, Tani Hatch 

I worked as a lab, greenhouse, and research assistant, helping with botany lab prep, greenhouse care, and maintenance. I assisted Dr. Heather Root with a comparative lichen and air quality research project, which I continued after graduation with a fellow friend and colleague, Kenna Hill. After earning my undergraduate, I returned for one more semester to earn my Chemical Technician AAS degree.

June 7, 2021
Tani Hatch
College of Science alumni in field botany & as a chemistry technician
interviewed by Katelyn Shaw, a student intern

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This year we are showing our story of overcoming and connecting. We want share how you look beyond just the word "connect" and find ways to "re" connect, "dis" connect, "inter"connect, find connect"edness," and beyond as part of CCEL's Engaged Learning Series.   

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Valedictorian, Maggie Toplain

April 28, 2021

Ever since Margaret Topalian was a young girl, she knew she wanted to study animals and live near the mountains. After attending a liberal arts school in her hometown of Ohio for a year and a half, Maggie began searching for universities with Zoology programs. In her search, she found Weber State University. The moment Maggie stepped on campus, she knew this is where she wanted to be.

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Importance of Conservation

February 25, 2021

Preserving wildlife and their habitats is essential because it keeps ecosystems healthy. Water resources are scarce in the desert, so desert fishes are highly vulnerable, which means they are an important indicator of ecosystem integrity.

"Fishes in the desert are like canaries in coal mines," Hoagstrom said....



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