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Virtual Graduation Celebration of Anomalous Alumnus

Covid-19 came in and disrupted the plans of our amazing students, especially those on track to graduate. We felt it was important that we shared our gratitude to have worked with them, taught them, and even mourn with them through their educational journey in a unique manner... well, not so unique anymore.

We virtually celebrated with them their unprecedented accomplishments of graduating during these times via, you guessed it - a ZOOM conference call. It was possibly the only Zoom meeting we all were thrilled to be on for some time.

They are amazing people and we hope you enjoy their toasts to each other along with Andrea Easter-Pilcher, Dean of the College of Science words of encouragement and pride in our graduates. 


May 15th, 2020


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Another science story...

This year we are highlighting and give voice to biodiversity, energy crisis, and other environment topics.  Also, we want to share your "In my (science) shoes..." story this year as part of CCEL's Engaged Learning Series.   


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Pursue Undergraduate Research

April 16th, 2020
Megan Conroy, microbiology major

When I started at Weber, I had pretty much decided that I wanted to pursue engineering, despite spending most of my junior high and high school experience geared towards eventually applying to medical school. I desperately wanted to be a heart surgeon but felt that engineering would be a shorter route to earning money. As time went on, I found myself less than excited about my course material...

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We Got This?

April 6th, 2020
Adam Johnston, physics professor responds to Ali Miller, Weber alumna, employee and now a COVID-19 homeschooler

Dear Weber Science family,
     March 16th, 2020 brings an audible and exhausting groan now, but that morning I was optimistically clueless. I had spent the weekend preparing for each child to have a dedicated space in our home to finish out their 1st grade, freshman and junior third terms. ...

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