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Finding Love in General Chemistry

Kenidee's Love Lens: In college, we’re all so busy that I think it’s sometimes hard to see where school ends and your personal life begins. In my case, they’re literally one and the same. My partner Kade and I met in a general chemistry class our freshman year, and three years later  - I still spend most mornings sitting next to him in a lecture and most afternoons in a lab as his lab partner....

Kade's Love Lens: It is commonly said of a couple sharing something special with each other that they have "good chemistry." This phrase is taken quite literally when it comes to describing my relationship with my beautiful partner Kenidee. We not only have chemistry when it comes to romance, but we actually have taken chemistry together...

February 14th, 2019
by Kenidee Crittenden, Chemistry Major, and 
Kade Crittenden, Biochemistry Major and 2018-2019 Science Senator





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Music and Science

February 2019
by Adam Johnston, Physics Professor





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Einstein was wrong!

February 6th, 2019
by Stacy Palen, Physics Professor 
and Ott Planetarium Director

Two or three times a year, an interested person sends me a lengthy paper in which they believe that they have "proved Einstein wrong". These papers are usually about relativity...I usually glance over these and hit delete... But in 2016, astronomers announced that they had, in fact, proved Einstein wrong.

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#WeberScience in Mongolia

January 24th, 2019
by Rebekah Holt, Botany Major

I first learned about Round River Conservation Studies in the botany major’s room, as the regulars banded together to help fellow major Morgan Brown prepare for her experience in British Columbia. So, needing a capstone project, I decided to apply as well.  

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