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Weber Science - Good Reads

Although Weber Science students do a lot of reading during the semester, we all know there is reading and then there is READING. The books listed below are for the Weber Science community to enjoy whether it be by a fire with a hot cup of chocolate, coffee or a combination of the two or on their holiday travels. 

If you would recommend a book that takes a fun, interesting and engaging view of the sciences and is not already listed, please send it our way and we will continue to add to this list.

December 14th, 2018
by Weber Science Community




Latest Entries

Start out the new year right!

January 2019
by Brian Pilcher, College of Science
Student Success Specialist






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New to Weber State...

December 6th, 2018
by Elizabeth Sandquist,
Zoology Assistant Professor

"I am new to Weber State University - not as a student but as a professor. I recently moved from a postdoctoral position in Iowa to join the Zoology department in the College of Science at WSU. Starting a new job, as well as moving across the country, has definitely had its ups and downs."

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A Stressful Time of Year

November 30, 2018
by Barb Trask, Associate Dean

"A quick Google™ search for “stress during the holidays” yields dozens of tips, tricks and management strategies from such sources as WebMD, Mayo Clinic, and The American Psychological Association. These lists were clearly not written with college students in mind! NONE of them include suggestions for how to handle the PRE-holiday, ‘End-of-the-semester’ grind!"

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We would love to hear from you. Let us know if you would like to read about a specific subject, have a comment on a topic already covered or just want to reach out to our authors. 


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