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The Road to 'Maps on the Hill'

"Something that I love about the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, is their enthusiasm for getting students involved with undergraduate research opportunities. That was made abundantly clear to me last semester during the fall when my Field Methods (GEO 4600) classmates and I were presented with multiple different research opportunities to pursue. The majority of these research projects revolved around the mapping of the Central Silver Island Mountains in western Utah. Our main goals were to hand draft and digitize a map of the one square mile area, collect rock and sediment samples, and exercise our skills in the laboratory performing geochemical analyses on said samples. ..."

March 4th, 2020
 by Courtnee Goodwin, zoology major


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This year we are highlighting and give voice to biodiversity, energy crisis, and other environment topics.  Also, we want to share your "In my (science) shoes..." story this year as part of CCEL's Engaged Learning Series.   


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Started By A Mouse

March 4th, 2020
by Courtnee Goodwin, zoology major

Well, it was a woodrat really, and Walt Disney couldn’t have said it any better. Looking back, I honestly never thought that my entry into zoology would involve rodents, but I have come so far thanks to woodrats. After a small break to get married, my reintroduction to college life was through Dr. Michele Skopec’s Comparative Physiology course. ...

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Love UR Club!

January 27th, 2020
by Sierra Hart, chemistry major
and 2019-2020 CoS Senator

I was fortunate enough to celebrate this last Thanksgiving- not only once- but twice.  It’s always a treat to be surrounded by both old and new friends to swap stories and celebrate the end of the semester.  This event was just one of the many I’ve been a part of during my time spent in the Chemistry Club....


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