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My Full Circle Experience at Weber State 

Ashton Roane, spring 2024 botany graduate

April 24th, 2024

Ashton Roane teaching botany My decision to attend Weber State University was an easy one since it is one of the few colleges with an undergraduate botany program. I knew upon entering college that I would major in botany, so right after graduating high school in the spring of 2019, I applied and began taking classes that fall.

Although the decision was easy, I wasn’t always interested in studying science, not until my high school biology class. My biology teacher, Ms. Roberts, was a botany major in college herself, and in class, she would always express her excitement for plants, even considering them more interesting than humans or animals. Her energy and enthusiasm for the subject are ultimately what started my curiosity about plants.

During my senior year of high school, I enrolled in her botany elective which is when the entire world of plants really opened up for me. I became especially fascinated with how plant cells functioned. I wondered how plants were able to sense and respond to their environment. Ms. Roberts was always happy to provide me with more information about plants or books to read.Ashton Roane with face in plant cell structure "cell-phie" prop

As my interest in plants grew, she was the one who encouraged me to pursue a degree in the Botany Department. Now that I am graduating with my degree in botany, I am thankful that I had a science teacher who made me feel so seen and supported.

I reflect on my experience here at Weber State as graduation fast approaches. I am thankful for how far I have come since starting college. I gained confidence during my time as a botany student in both my knowledge and in my role as botany club president. Being the club president challenged me to reach out and connect with other students, which I didn't do outside of class. However, by stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking on the role I felt part of a greater community.

It was this boost in confidence and experience working with others that led me to join the Propel program. In this program, I student-taught at the same high school I graduated from and was able to take on a new role under the guidance of my biology teacher, Ms. Roberts. This past year has felt like a true full-circle moment. I am excited to move forward in new endeavors with the experience and confidence I’ve gained here at WSU.

-Propel Program Class of 2024-

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Ashton Roane: Weber State Propel Scholar, College of Science Botany Major and Zoology Minor, Future Science Teacher, and Botany Club Officer Graduate | Leading the Field in Science.

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