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Three Components of CL Part C

C.1. Data Manipulation Students will manipulate and analyze data using various software applications and basic programming.
C.2. Data Visualization Students will organize data using various graphical methods such as charts and infographics to appropriately convey
C.3. Data Presentation Students will create an effective, well-designed presentation using current technologies.


Practice Instructions

For Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint 2019 version of the CL DVP Test

This exam tests your knowledge of Microsoft 2019 Spreadsheets and Microsoft 2019 Powerpoint. This is a production exam. Use the practice problems provided to prepare for the exam. Formulas are the same in all the Microsoft versions. Some of the formatting options may not be available in older software.

Download the following three start files and save them to your flash drive or desktop. Save the files with new names; [Last Name]CL DVP Practice 2016, [Last Name]CL DVP Practice start file 2016, and [Last Name]Utah Unversity Start File 2016.


Areas to Study


Exam Information