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Three Components of CL Part B

B.1. Content and File Management Students will use current software/technology to manage content on local devices and in the cloud.
B.2. Internet Identity Management Students will manage their web identity and presence according to e-safety, security, and privacy best practices
and standards.
B.3 Device Management and Security Students will manipulate multiple computing platforms and troubleshoot problems when they arise.
Students will protect local devices from security threats including viruses, malware, and adware using current best practices and technologies.


Exam Study Resources

To help you pass this exam, study the list of defined terms.  The first resource is a list of the terms you will need to know and the second resource is a list of the same terms with links to online sources where you can find the definitions.  Feel free to use the supplied sources or choose your own.  The second resource can also be used as a study aid after you have filled in the blanks.


Exam Information