Computer Literacy (CL)

To promote success during your time at Weber State University, it is suggested that CL classes be taken within the first year of study. 

  • Lecture, lab, or online classes are available as well as tests (tests are for those who already have excellent computer application skills)

  • Check the class schedule, choose the WEB & USER Experience (WEB) classes or exams you need, and register

    • You must register to take the CL exams - each exam is a half credit--they are not clep tests

    • See the Exam Syllabus for information about the tests

There are three different Computer Literacy(CL) sections available at WSU:

  • Part A: Document Creation (can be satisfied by taking WEB 1701 or 1501--see below)

  • Part B: Content, Internet Identity, and Device Management (can be satisfied by taking WEB 1702 or 1502--see below)

  • Part C: Data Manipulation, Visualization, and Presentation  (can be satisfied by taking WEB 1703 or 1503--see below)

  • Parts A, B, and C (can be satisfied by taking and passing WEB 1700--see below)

  • This can be satisfied by signing up for lecture/lab/online classes, taking exams, or completing a combination of both.

    • CL Options for Classes:

      • WEB 1701 (Document Creation), 1702 (Content, Internet Identity, and Device Management), 1703 (Data Manipulation, Visualization, and Presentation) lab or online self-paced classes

      • WEB 1700 lecture class meets parts A, B, and C (Document Creation, Content, Internet Identity, and Device Management, Data Manipulation, Visualization, and Presentation)

    • A score of 72.5% is required to pass Computer Literacy courses and exams
    • CL Options for Exams:
      • WEB Exams: 1501 (Document Creation), 1502 (Content, Internet Identity, and Device Management), 1503 (Data Manipulation, Visualization, and Presentation)

        • Students register for the WEB exams the same as any other course at WSU 

        • Register for the WEB exams or classes at your regular registration time 

        • Students must access for instructions once registered for the CL exams 

        • Cutoff dates for exam registration are:

          • Fall Semester:           November 1

          • Spring Semester:       March 1

          • Summer Semester:    June 1