CatTracks Student Features

What degree requirements have you completed? What classes do you still have to take? What if you changed your major - how far along would you be? Is there any way that random class you want to take can fulfill a major requirement? How close am I to graduating? CatTracks can answer all these questions, and others, with the following features.

With this feature you can view pretty much all of the essentials of your academic history. You can view your class standing, declared degree, declared major(s), catalog year and GPA.

You can also view what your degree requirements are and what requirements you have fulfilled or are in the process of fulfilling. CatTracks creates this worksheet especially for you, right down to every elective in your major and minor. So every class you'll ever need to take is on the worksheet. When you complete a requirement there will be a checked box next to it. If the requirement is not yet completed CatTracks will let you know what class(es) you can or need to take to do so. CatTracks displays a percentage at the top of the page that shows you your degree progress in terms of what percentage of boxes have been checked.

What If
This feature lets you explore different scenerios in obtaining a degree. The average college student changes his or her major at least three times. This is when this feature can really come in handy.

You can choose a different major or minor from a drop-down menu and then run a "What-if." CatTracks will then pull up a worksheet that shows what required classes you've already taken and what requirements remain, as well as a percentage of your degree progress.

You can also run a "What-if" in terms of specific classes you're thinking of taking. CatTracks will then pull up a worksheet showing you what degree requirements those classes would fulfill and where they would fit.

This feature lets you map out — semester by semester — how you plan to get your degree.

You can simply drag and drop required classes from your worksheet into the desired semester. Then, without ever changing pages, you can run a What-If scenerio to see how the semester-by-semester plan fulfills your degree requirements.

You can also save different plans within CatTracks and view them any time you return to the program.

GPA Calculator
Whether you're a student with a scholarship you need to maintain, a GPA you need to reach in order to be accepted into a program or just a personal high standard of excellence, this feature can be a great help.

CatTracks offers three different options under the GPA Calculator: a graduation calendar, a term calculator and an advice calculator.

The graduation calculator helps you see what grades you need to get in order to graduate. The term calculator helps you set specific goals to reach a desired GPA in a term. The advice calculator helps you see what grades you need to reach a desired GPA.

Look Ahead
Is this exactly the same feature as the third option under the What-If option?

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