Advisor Resources

Advisors can monitor student progress toward graduation. Advisors guide students toward their goals and help them track their progress. As an advising tool, Cat Tracks may be customized to match the course catalog. Explore the following Cat Tracks resources:

  • Degree Evaluation
  • What-if
  • Plans

 Degree Evaluation

Learn more about the student Degree Evaluation resource which shows you all student information, including:

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You can simply drag and drop required classes from your worksheet into the desired semester. Then, without ever changing pages, you can run a What-If scenario to see how the semester-by-semester plan fulfills your degree requirements.

You can also save different plans within CatTracks and view them any time you return to the program.

Degree Evaluation is the principal resource of Cat Tracks. It imports information from the catalog to determine course requirements, including:

  • Minimum GPA requirements
  • Minimum grade requirements
  • Course requirements

Video Introduction to Cat Tracks Degree Evaluation


The What-If resource allows you to help students explore alternatives in programs of study without making official changes, including:

  • Degree
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Newer catalog year

Because advisors understand catalog context and curriculum policies, your ability to use the What-If resource depends on your grasp of the curriculum. With this knowledge and the tools in this resource, you can help students set and reach academic goals.

Video Introduction to Cat Tracks What-if


This Cat Tracks resource helps you to give students a map to success. Students who have a plan worry less about registration and focus on their studies.

You can collaborate with students to create a plan and follow up with students to ensure completion.

Students can import plans from this resource into the WSU registration app for efficient and worry-free registration. 

The Plans resource can:

  • Add specific courses to a semester.
  • Add electives for your major, minor, emphasis, etc.
  • Track your students’ progress for each semester to ensure accurate advising.
  • Provide a mechanism for advisor approval for the path of study.
  • Add pre-built plan—templates—or custom plans.

Video Introduction to Cat Tracks Plans