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Hepatitis A and B - Page 2

When Jon arrived home, Jon and Laura’s father arranged for both of his children to see Dr. Lyon, a medical doctor specializing in internal medicine. These specialists are commonly referred to as internists.

Dr. Lyon suspected immediately both Jon and Laura had acquired viral hepatitis. His suspicions were based on their physical examination and recent histories. John had lived in an area of the world where viral hepatitis is endemic, whereas Laura had been exposed to the risk of hepatitis through having her navel pierced under unknown conditions. Dr. Lyon then consulted with his colleague Dr. Smith, also an internist but with a specialty in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases. Dr. Smith also suspected both the Green siblings had acquired viral hepatitis. Jon was quite ill and his skin and the whites of his eyes appeared more jaundiced.

View Hepatitis A and B Nucleus Health video and with the links above answer the following questions:
(Click on the link on the "Video Unavailable" Box to view the video on YouTube)

  • 11. Define Hepatitis
  • 12. List 4 functions of the liver
  • 13. Which type of hepatitis causes an acute disease but not a chronic disease?
  • 14. Which type of Hepatitis is spread through blood transfusion, sexual contact, and needles?
  • 15. Which type of Hepatitis is spread through feces via contaminated food and water?
  • 16. Approximately 90% of transfusion-associated hepatitis is spread through what type?
  • 17. Why is Hepatitis A considered endemic to the region where Jon contacted it?
  • 18. What is a carrier?
  • 19. When does Hepatitis become an infectious disease?