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Hepatitis A and B Case Study

Jon and Laura Green are siblings sharing similar symptoms. Both have a yellow tinge to their skin and the whites of their eyes. Both have flu-like symptoms. Jon, however, has been living in Brazil while Laura has been in San Francisco. Is this a weird sibling connection? Find out what’s causing their unusual symptoms in Case #5.

Mudule 10: Hepatitis

This case is actually two separate cases that address viral hepatitis. This format was selected...

Hepatitis - Page 1

When Jon arrived home, Jon and Laura’s father arranged for both of his children to see Dr. Lyon...

Hepatitis - Page 2

Dr. Lyon ordered the following laboratory tests on both Jon and Laura Green...

Hepatitis - Page 3

Since Jon's diagnosis was confirmed by his immune response to the presence of the virus, the physicians agreed...

Hepatitis - Page 4

Answers to Case Questions

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