Financial Petition Instructions:

  1. Financial Petitions forms cannot be filled out online. 
  2. Students must be withdrawn from classes included on the Financial Petition.
  3. Financial Petitions must be within one-year of disputed semester.
  4. Complete all requested information on the Exception to University Policy-Student Financial Petition form.
  5. Write a clear explanation of the reason for the requested exception.
  6. Provide all the documentation need to support all claims on the petition.
  7. Once completed, submit the petition form and all documents to:


MAIL:              Bursar Services -  Weber State University
                        3850 Dixon Parkway Dept 1023
                        Ogden UT 84408-1023

FAX:                 801-626-7276


IN PERSON:     Miller Administration Building RM 103


NOTE:  Incomplete petitions, petitions without a signature and petitions lacking supporting documentation will not be considered.