Loan Cancellations

Under certain conditions, a borrower may have all or part of his or her loan canceled. Cancelation means that a portion or all of the principal borrowed plus accrued interest will never have to be repaid by the borrower.

Due to the many phases of student loans and the number of available types of cancelations, eligibility information is quite extensive. If you believe you may be eligible for a cancelation, please allot ample time to use the tables, links, and forms on this page to help you research your eligibility as efficiently as possible. Canceling your loan will be worth it!


Type of Cancelation Link For More Information
Perkins Loan Cancelation Information
General Information Click Here
Applying for Cancelations Click Here
Bankruptcy Click Here
Death Click Here
Disability Click Here
PeaceCorps Click Here
Child and Family Services Click Here
Head Start Teaching Click Here
Early Intervention Services Click Here
Law Enforcement Click Here
Nursing/Medical Technician Click Here
Military Service Click Here
Teachers (Other) Click Here
Americorps Click Here
Teach For America Click Here