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Practical Nurse to Registered Nurse Program

(Hybrid-Online & 5 campus based locations: BTech, OTech, DTech, WSU-Davis and WSU-Ogden)

Intended for licensed practical nurses currently working and living in Utah. Those having successfully graduated from an accredited Practical Nursing program and are eligible for licensure, our Practical to Registered Nursing Program allows you to earn an Associate of Applied Science (68 credit hours) or Associate of Science (86 credit hours) and prepare for entry-level, clinical practice as a registered nurse. The program offers 3 application cycles a year (summer, fall & spring). Once admitted the program can be finished in 8 months (2 semesters).

Note: This program is for Utah residents only.


The Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing’s hybrid-online PN to RN (AS/AAS) program offers 3 application cycles a year (summer, fall & spring). There are very few if any positions avaialabe for each application cycle. The program only accepts applications to fill open positions that "Become Avaialable". Applicants who want to maximize their selection opportunity can rank from 1 to 5 the additional campus locations (campus based). 

Checklists & Applications

Important Application Information

DO NOT APPLY TO THIS PROGRAM unless you live and work in Utah or plan to be living in Utah prior to the program starting. This program cannot be completed at a distance from any other state.

Spring 2024 Semester Deadline: September 14, 2023 

Notification will take place 4 to 6 weeks after the September 14, 2023 application deadline (Late mid to late October 2023). Please check the email you provided in your application in your in-box, spam/junk folders. Please note that if you are accepted into the nursing program, you must be admitted to Weber State University and have a W# and WSU Wildcat email address before you can confirm your placement. If you do not have a W# or WSU Wildcat email address by the time acceptance letters go out, you will be unable to submit your program acceptance confirmation, and you will have last priority for choice of clinicals, labs, and course placement.

The application will be available late June or early July 2023 for the Spring 2024 application cycle.

For Fall 2023 Applicants please note that notification has taken place already if you have not received an email related to your status for fall 2023 please contact the AS (RN) Administrative Assistant - Jessica Merrill.

Please note: Beginning Fall 2023 forward the number of positions available will vary with no guarantee of how many positions will be available. Applicants should rank other campus locations on the application to maximize selection opportunity. (For example for Fall 2023 there were 7 total positions that became available with one being for the Hybrid-Online program and six others spread out over other campus locations.)

  • Summer 2024 Semester Deadline: February 8, 2024
  • Fall 2024 Semester Deadline: May 9, 2024
  • Spring 2025 Semester Deadline: September 12, 2024


To meet expectations of the PN to RN (AAS/AS) program you must:
  • Complete the theory course work (online or campus based).
  • You must provide your own transportation to to WSU Ogden Campus or WSU Davis Campus (Layton) for orientation, exams and all clinical, lab, and simulation experiences.
  • Kaplan Proctored exams will held 1st and 2nd semesters. Students will be required to travel to WSU Ogden Campus or WSU Davis Campus.
  • Students can plan on traveling 1st semester every week to WSU Ogden Campus or WSU Davis Campus for 1 day every other week for lab/simluation. They will also be driving every other week to their clinical experience.
  • 2nd semester capstone (clinical hours) experience may be arranged in closer proximity to your region.
  • Complete all non-nursing course work through WSU or by taking equivalent courses at other regionally accredited colleges or universities during the semester indicated in the curriculum pattern (or earlier).
Clinical Sites
Clinical sites are determined and finalized after the applicant pool is finalized. You must be able to attend your clinical site at least one day per week (in some cases, the drive could be several hours in each direction). You also need to travel to determined sites for labs (during several semesters), testing, etc.


Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing Contacts

If you have questions regarding applications, prerequisite courses, transfer credits or general counseling, contact our enrollment director.

Robert Holt
Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing Enrollment Director

Jessica Merrill
Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing Administrative Assistant

Additional Contacts


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