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Associate Degree Nursing Admission & Selection

Welcome Students


A limited number of students are accepted into WSU’s Associate Degree Nursing Program (ADN) each year.

This enables WSU to provide the quality clinical experience and skill set this growing field requires. 

How to Apply?

You should print and read the Applicant Checklist before completing the application.

*Please note that a current CNA or EMT certificate is a prerequisite for the AS Program. See details of application requirements at the link to the Applicant Checklist below:

Take the following steps to apply to the ADN Program: 

Summer semester 2023 
Early consideration: December 20, 2022
Final deadline: January 5, 2023

Application Assistance is available through the Office of Admissions Advisement, 801-626-6136 or

It is critical that all parts of the application process be completed and submitted. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please note: from this application cycle forward the AS (RN) program is now 4 straight semesters. There are no breaks other than the break between semesters. Summer semesters are used and courses will be taught. Please make appropriate plans. This also means that the RN to BSN progession opportunity that is avaiable to all AS (RN) graduates will begin that next semester after the AS (RN) graduation. No breaks. Breaks between semesters only!

Admission Requirements

You must complete the prerequisite classes needed for the ADN Program at the time of application to count in the applicant ranking for that admissions cohort.

All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to beginning the nursing program.

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

Applicant Resources

Application Deadlines

Fall semester 2023 (Application available the week of Feb. 6, 2023)
Early consideration: April 26, 2023
Final deadline: May 11, 2023

Spring semester 2024 (Application available late May 2023)
Early consideration: August 14, 2023
Final deadline: August 24, 2023

Summer semester 2024 (Application available mid September 2023)
Early consideration: December 19, 2023
Final deadline: January 4, 2024

Application Review

Applications are reviewed by the Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing Admissions and Advancement Committee.

A point system is used to facilitate candidate selection. Applications received early will earn extra 1/2 point. Prerequisites and support courses are evaluated, but points will not be awarded for courses in progress during the semester applications are received. See the application checklist for further information that is used in the selection process.

For those that applied for the Summer 2023 admissions cycle:

Selection Notification

Notification will come approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the Final Deadline (Approximately February 14 - 28, 2023 for the Summer 2023 start date). Notification will come via email from Please check the email you provided in your application each day beginning February 14 through the 28th. Check your inbox, spam, and junk folders. Please do not  e-mail to find out if you have been admitted or not until the February 28, 2023 date. Please note that if you are accepted into the nursing program, you must be admitted to Weber State University and have a W# and WSU Wildcat email address before you can confirm your placement. If you do not have a W# or WSU Wildcat email address by the time acceptance letters go out, you will be unable to submit your program acceptance confirmation, and you will have last priority for choice of clinicals, labs, and course placement.


Contact the Health Professions Admissions Office at 801-626-6136 or