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These costs are an estimate of the amount needed for the program.

Tuition, Fees, and Supplies

Tuition: Visit for current tuition and fees (does not include course fees which are attached to courses and show up in your cashier total as course or lab fees). Tuition is based upon this credit load unless you are taking additional courses on top of this credit load: 1st semester 9 hours; 2nd semester 9 hours; 3rd semester 10.5 hours; and finally 4th semester 9.5 hours. 38 total hours over 4 semesters.

Additional Estimated program costs: (such things as books, uniforms, etc.): $1,800. These costs are in addition to the tuition for the 4 semesters.

Students are responsible for costs incurred when enrolled in courses necessitating travel to community agencies. Additional program and facility requirements that may incur additional costs to students.

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