Employee Exit Process

Once a separation e-PAR has been submitted and approved indicating you will be leaving Weber State University, there is a process to follow for leaving.

In order to insure a smooth and timely checkout, please schedule an appointment before your last working day at 801-626-7230. During your visit, turn in your insurance card(s), Wildcard, EdPass, and any other campus property.

Prior to your appointment, follow the instructions below. For your convenience, here is a map of our Ogden campus.

If you ...   


have building or office keys

return your keys to Facilities Management Key and Lock shop and collect your deposit refund form (Campus Services Building).

return Union Building keys to the Union Building Administration Offices on the 4th floor.

have a parking permit and/or outstanding parking tickets

return your parking pass to Parking Services which is located in the Public Safety Building and settle any unpaid parking tickets*.

have a p-card

turn in the monthly p-card statements and supporting documentation since your last audit to Internal Audit in the Miller Administration Building, room 214. Return your p-card to the Purchasing department in the Miller Administration Building, room 207.

have library books from Stewart Library

return them to the library.

have a charge account at the WSU Bookstore

make payment arrangements* with the Bookstore.

have a balance on your tuition payments, or need to be reimbursed for your key deposit

clear any outstanding balance* owed at the Cashier and collect your key reimbursement.

have a locker at the Stromberg Complex

remove all personal items.

you have a balance on your Wildcard

if it's more than $25, request a refund at the Union Building Information desk. If it's less than $25, please use it prior to your last work day.

are planning to work as an hourly or adjunct employee after leaving salaried employment

due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all salaried employees terminating employment will be ineligible to work in either an hourly or adjunct capacity for the University for the six-month period immediately following separation. Contact HR for more information (x7230).

Complete the confidential online exit interview

Click here for Exit Interview

*Outstanding balances can be deducted from your paycheck if they are less than your paycheck amount.

**Retirees: If you would like to keep your WSU email, you must make an appointment with HR.  

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Human Resources at 801-626-7230 or hr@weber.edu.