Denials & Appeals

Resolving Accommodation Requests

SSD will make every possible effort to accommodate each disabled student’s needs. In many cases, the reason SSD cannot authorize a specific accommodation is due to insufficient documentation. SSD is always happy to reconsider accommodation requests when a student provides additional documentation. In fact, it is our policy to give the student an opportunity to provide such documentation before officially denying any accommodation request.

Denying Accommodation Requests

If a student is unable or unwilling to provide additional documentation as evidence that the requested accommodation is both appropriate and reasonable, SSD will evaluate the accommodation request based upon available documentation and issue a final decision.   Whenever an accommodation request is denied, a letter from the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities will be provided to the student (either in person or by mail).  A copy of this letter will be given to WSU’s ADA Coordinator and to the Risk Management Division of the State of Utah.  At the discretion of the Director, copies may also be provided to University Counsel and/or the Dean of Students.


In accordance with WSU policy (PPM 3-34), a student may appeal SSD’s decision not to grant an accommodation to the ADA Coordinator.  Any request for appeal forwarded to the ADA Coordinator should:

  • Include the requesting individual's name and address;
  • Include the nature and extent of the individual's disability;
  • Describe the requested accommodation in sufficient detail to determine its appropriateness; and
  • Be signed by the requesting individual or by his/her legal representative.

The ADA Coordinator shall investigate each request, including communicating with the requesting individual or her/his representative to better understand the request and discuss possible accommodations.  Within 15 working days after receiving the appeal request, the ADA Coordinator shall issue a decision, outlining in writing (or appropriate alternative format) stating what action, if any, shall be taken on the appeal.  If a decision cannot be reached with 15 working days, the requesting individual will be notified why the decision is being delayed and how much additional time will be needed.

The ADA Coordinator for WSU

Dr. Barry Gomberg, ADA Coordinator
Executive Director of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
1022 University Circle
Ogden, UT  84408-1022