Pre-Dental Recommended Classes

Recommended Courses for Pre-Dental Students



  *Core Courses

 **Suggested Courses

 General Chemistry I&II w/labs   PS1210 and 1220  
 Organic Chemistry I&II w/labs   2310 and 2320  
 Biochemistry I w/lab   3070  
 Zoology (Biology) w/labs
 Anatomy & Physiology

  1110 and 1120 
  2100 and 2200

 3200 (Cell Biology)
 3300 (Genetics)
 English   1010 and EN2010  3100 (Prof & Tech Writing)
 College Physics I&II w/ labs   PS2010 and 2020  
 Math  QL1050 College Algebra &
  1060 Trig (pre-req for Physics)
 Microbiology  A very good idea!  LS2054 (Principles of Micro)
 3254 (Immunology)
 3305 (Medical Microbiology)
 Psychology    SS1010 (Intro to Psych; reqd by some)
 Botany    LS1203 (Plant Biology; reqd by some)

*Core courses vary between different dental schools.
**Suggested courses either make you more competitive for application to dental school, prepare you for the DAT,
   or both.

Recommended Class Schedule