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Scholarships and Graduate Awards

Graduate Awards

Each spring the Department of Zoology faculty meets to determine which students will be awarded departmental awards among their graduating class.  The following are the awards that are given out.

♦ Outstanding Graduate Award: Awarded to the student(s) with the highest grade point average(s).
♦ Browning Arms Field Award: Awarded to the student demonstrating the greatest aptitude for field ecological work. 
♦ Evolutionary Ecology Award: Awarded to the student demonstrating the highest academic achievement in the disciplines of evolution, ecology, or behavior. 
♦ Laboratory Research Award: Awarded to the student demonstrating the greatest accomplishment in laboratory research. 
♦ Zoology Service Award: Awarded to the student who has most assisted the department in its operations.

Past Recipients



As a Zoology Major, you are eligible to apply for WSU Scholarships, College of Science Scholarships, and Department of Zoology Scholarships.

In order to receive a college level and/or department level scholarship, you must first apply at the university level for WSU scholarships & financial aid. WSU begins accepting university-level scholarship applications on September 01 of each academic year (awards for which are applied toward the next academic year), so please apply as early as possible.

The College of Science begins accepting applications for scholarships in January. These are separate applications unique to the college. 

Zoology Department scholarships are awarded according to the information available on the WSU Scholarship Application, meaning you do not need to fill out a separate application for these scholarships. However, you must have your WSU university-level scholarship information submitted by February 1st to be considered. 

All scholarships, at all levels, are awarded for use during the next academic year (which begins with the Summer semester if you are attending classes full-time then). 

Please come in and visit with us to discuss the department scholarships in more detail. 

Department Scholarships

♦ Dr. Earl W. Smart Memorial Scholarship

♦ Kent Van De Graaff Pre-Medical Application Award
♦ Orson Whitney Young Memorial Scholarship 

Past Recipients


College of Science Scholarships

Please click here to learn more about scholarships available for science majors within College of Science.


Weber State University Scholarships

Please click here to learn more about scholarships available for students at Weber State University.

Outside Scholarships



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