Queer Studies

In fall 2021 Weber State University was the first institution in Utah to offer a Queers Studies Minor, housed within the Women & Gender Studies Program!

Queer Studies (QS) is a minor program and Bachelor of Integrated Studies area of emphasis, which offers interdisciplinary, scholarly perspectives on the formation of sexuality and gender identity.  Instead of conceptualizing these topics as unchangeable and only biologically driven, QS approaches these topics as they relate to the social construction of and their critical intersections with other relations of power such as race, ethnicity, class, nationality, religion and age.
Faculty and students address questions within the context of a transnational world and from different disciplines, such as, but not limited to, history, literature, sociology, communication, psychology, social work, political science and cultural studies.

Requirement Summary

  • Program Prerequisites: A student’s program of study for the Queer Studies Minor must be approved by the Queer Studies Coordinator.
  • Grade Requirements: A grade of “C” or better is required for all courses used toward the minor (a grade of “C-” is not acceptable.)
  • Credit Hour Requirements: A total of 18 credit hours is required for this minor, 9 credits from core courses and 9 from electives.

Core and Elective Courses can be found in the University Catalog

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