Declaring a Minor or BIS

How do I Declare a Minor?

  • Make sure you have declared a B.A. or B.S. as your major and that you have no holds on your student record.
  • Fill out the Women & Gender Minor Declaration Form and submit the form to the Department Secretary at the Women & Gender Studies office (Lindquist Hall Building, Room 330) or by email:
  • Set up a meeting with the Women & Gender Studies Director, Dr. Melina Alexander email her at

How do I Declare a BIS in Women & Gender Studies?

  • Call 801-626-7713 to set up an appointment with the Director of the BIS Program.  The BIS Program is located in room 318C of the Tracy Hall Science Building.
  • You will need to decide on your 3 areas of emphasis, one of which is Women & Gender Studies.
  • Meet with each department Chair to discuss which classes are required.  To set up an appointment with the Women & Gender Studies Program Director, Dr. Melina Alexander, email her at