Weber Thrives

Weber State University is committed to cultivating successful students who pursue their higher education goals, complete their education and go on to succeed after their time here. Our faculty and staff make sure that students:

  • Receive sustained guidance and support in pursuit of their higher education goals
  • Acquire skills and knowledge to succeed in college, career and life
  • Actively engage in learning inside and outside the classroom
  • Develop a strong sense of belonging at WSU and in the community

Three Easy Ways to Impact Student Success


1. Ask questions! Weber State Faculty and Staff care about your success, let us know how we can help. You can even do this through raising your hand in Starfish.

2. Engage with programs on campus. You can do this by joining a club, attending events, applying for a job on campus, signing up for a mentor, getting an internship or many other ways.

3. Work towards earning the Provost List in your first year.


1. Reach out to students who have been missing class or assignments to check in and see if they have any questions.

2. Engage with Starfish to provide timely feedback to students. This can include raising flags, making referrals and completing progress surveys.

3. Share information about the Student Resources tab in Canvas for students to find more information on available services and how to get involved.


1. Let students know that you’re available for questions or concerns. Sometimes students can be intimidated to reach out.

2. Help students navigate through the different services and programs on campus. While we only work in one department, students see us as representatives of the entire campus.

3. Utilize Starfish for referrals, student notes and online appointments.

All employees are encouraged to sign up for Tuesday Tips and to participate in the Coach Certification Program.