Mission and Vision

means that
every student
has opportunities
to thrive.

Our goal is to
create a supportive
where faculty and staff

connect with,
and teach

helping them fully
realize their
potential to lead
meaningful lives.

Cultivating Successful Students

Weber State University is committed to cultivating successful students who pursue their higher education goals, graduate and go on to be successful in their next steps beyond Weber State.

A Successful Student is:

  • Engaged in deep learning (e.g., motivated to integrate and apply new knowledge)
  • Resilient (e.g., learns from failure)
  • Invested in their personal, academic and professional future (e.g., appreciates the future value of present academic challenges)
  • Proactive in seeking and using resources to promote their academic and professional success and achievement (e.g., will take steps to get or leverage university resources when needed)


The educational environment that cultivates successful students at Weber State builds upon life experiences students bring to their college career. WSU faculty and staff meet the students where they are and ensure students:

  • Receive sustained guidance and support in pursuit of their higher education goals.
  • Acquire skills and knowledge to succeed in college, career and life.
  • Actively engage in learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Develop a strong sense of belonging at WSU and in the community.