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Sustainability Perspectives Past Sessions

Fall 2019 Session Recordings - Climate Change and Utah's Future


No Class Held

United Nations Conference

Climate Change and the Western U.S.

Dr. Robert Gillies, Director of Utah Climate Center & Utah's State Climatologist

Learn about science-based trends & predictions for Utah's changing climate.


Mapping Where We Agree and Disagree About Climate Change

Dr. Peter Howe, Department of Environment & Society at Utah State University

Discover the climate change perspectives of Utah residents.


Youth Perspectives on Climate Change

Aimee Urbina, Weber State grad, AmeriCorps Conservation Corps Volunteer with Utah Clean Energy
Chase Wilson, Weber State grad, AmeriCorps Conservation Corps Volunteer with Weber's Sustainability Practices and Research Center
Rachel Love, DaVinci High School student
Skyler Hudson, Weber State Communications Student and Green Department Intern

Come hear what Utah's youth have to say about climate change - their views, concerns, wishes and plans.


Populations of Concern

Dr. Royal Delegge, Director of Environmental Health Division, Salt Lake County Health Department

Learn about intersections of health and climate Change in our communities.


The Role of the Arts - Climate Change Theater Action (held at the Fireplace Lounge, Shepherd Union)

Dr. Jenny Kokai and students, Weber State Department of Performing Arts

See how the arts and climate change can intersect.


Education's Role and Challenge with Climate Change

Dr. Dan Bedford, Weber State Geography Department

Dr. Adam Johnston Weber State Physics Department

Ricky Scott, Utah Board of Education 

Hear about climate change education and building a foundation for climate literacy in Utah.


Working for Change: Stories of Policy, Advocacy and Engagement

Dr. John Armstrong, Weber State Department of Physics

Jessica Reimer, HEAL Utah

Dr. Robert Reynolds, Weber State Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Social movements create change.  Come learn of some current work being done by organizations and citizen engagement related to climate change and air quality issues.


Bridging the Partisan Divide: Religion and Climate Change

Dr. George Handley, Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities at Brigham Young University

Watch this session on the religious response to climate change and environmental concerns and learn of ways to come together on these issues.


Building for Sustainability in a Changing Climate

Jeremy Farner, Weber State Department of Construction Management

Tyler Hollon, Wadman Corporation

Chris Parker, Giv Group 

Increase your knowledge of what's happening and what's possible in sustainable building both for people and the environment.


Sustainability:  It All Starts With What We Put on Our Plates 

Patrick Olson, M.D., Plant Based Utah

Discover how what we eat connects with climate change.  


Water, Snow, Society and Climate Change

Seth Arens, Western Water Assessment

Hilary Arens, Director of Sustainability, Snowbird

A changing climate has implications for Utah's water resources.


The Roof is on Fire: Infernos and Insects in Utah's Upland Forests

Dr. Jesse Morris, University of Utah

Climate and forest health are interlinked. Learn how and what the evidence shows.


Roadmap to Clean Energy: the role of efficiency, solar, building electrification, and EVs in the clean energy transition

Kate Bowman and Kevin Emerson, Utah Clean Energy

Learn about a positive way forward to clean energy with many co-benefits.


Planetary Boundaries & Social Foundations - A framework for a sustainable, just and vibrant space for humanity

Dr. Rob Davies, Physicist and Climate Communicator, Utah State University

You will want to watch this climate educator's thought-provoking capstone session to the series!


Presentations on Sustainable Solutions for Mitigating Climate Change in Utah

Students of the Climate Change and Utah's Future Course

During finals week, Thursday, 12:30 - 2:00 p.m.