Individual and group seating, workstations, desks, and tables, storage and shelving units, filing cabinets and cases, integrated visual display products (e.g., markerboards and tack boards), hospitality furniture, and miscellaneous items such as mobile carts, freestanding screens, and movable partitions. Example of certifications and ecolabels here

Preferable Criteria 

  • Salvaged, refurbished, or reused and at least one year old at time of use
  • OR recognized as a preferable option by the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) or a green building rating system that is developed or administered by a World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) member organization. 

*Strive to purchase products that meet one or more of the "preferable criteria" as the "minimum criteria" are just a great starting point.

Minimum Criteria

  • Extended producer responsibility (e.g., a closed-loop or product take-back program)